Kady Rose


I am  a 27 year old animal science graduate of Cal Poly. As a lifelong animal lover and artist, I had the brilliant idea to combine my passions. I am self taught, but thanks to my anatomy and art background, taxidermy came almost naturally. I am a vegetarian and none of the animals I work with were killed for my art. I don't support taking lives, and actually greatly oppose it. Unfortunately, animals die everyday from causes beyond our control, and that is where I come in. I do my best to breathe new life into these beautiful creatures, allowing them to be loved and appreciated even after death. 

What is a soft mount?

A soft mount is a  type of taxidermy in which the animal's head is mounted traditionally on a hard foam form, while the body and legs contain a soft filler, like that of a pillow or stuffed toy. This makes the finished mount soft and floppy. Unlike traditional taxidermy mounts which are rigid and unmoving, soft mounts are pleasant to handle and hold.

In some cases a wire armature is added in the legs to make them semi-poseable and give added structure. 

This said, keep in mind that even with a wire armature inserted, a soft mount is simply not going to have the anatomical accuracy of a traditional mount.

All animals are legally obtained and according to federal and state laws. I only ship within the US and I strongly encourage everyone to know your state laws when it comes to owning certain taxidermy.I do not sell endangered species and do not support the illegal trade of animal parts.

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