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Customer Reviews.

"I purchased a soft mount fox from Reanimate and it is absolutely gorgeous. It's an amazing piece. The craftsmanship is incredible. Kady is an amazing artist and working with her was superb; she was so professional and courteous. She allows payment plans and is flexible on payment dates. I would absolutely recommend her work to anyone looking for a soft mount, or just an amazing and unique art piece for their home."

"I received my first purchase from Kady yesterday and know there will be more in the future! My new fox baby arrived safely and timely and is absolutely stunning. The work done on this piece is of the highest standard and I, who have been around taxidermy my whole life, cannot get over how realistic and lifelike she looks. Can’t wait to purchase again! Thanks a million!!!"

Sonia Jacobson

"Kady was amazing through the whole process. She sent pictures and updates and shipped really quickly. I was so excited when I opened the box, I got giddy! I absolutely love him. I'd snuggle him all the time if my dog wasn't so interested in him, he's really soft and life like."

Stephanie Randolph

"Amazing work! My raccoon is in my entryway and makes everyone do a double take when they first see him. So lifelike and cute! Seller has great communication so I knew where he was before and during shipment so I never had to worry about him. I will definitely be a repeat buyer!"

Christine Virginia

"I recieved my first baby today and it happened to be delievered on my birthday too!! 
Best work ive ever seen, very realistic, simply amazing! Hes so life like its crazy!! 
Love it and will be back for my future babies ;) 
Hands down the best to work with, i got updates as he was brought back to life!!!
Simply A+ work!!"

Jessica Schneider

"I have nothing but positive things to say about Kady Rose of Reanimated Remains. I have been working with Kady for the last few months on a commissioned piece that would be my first ever Soft Mount. From the first message Kady has made this process so easy and stress free, she walked me through the process set up a payment plan with me all the while sending me photo updates through the whole process. Today I received my Noodle (Mink) and could not be more excited. I look forward to working with Kady for both my collection and Forty Three Skulls in the future."

Kayla Watzlawick

"Yesterday i received my soft mounted Marble fox from Kady. Her work is so well done I am beyond ecstatic to own one of her pieces. Not only is Kady one of the sweetest people and an absolute pleasure to do Business with but she Oozes talent for this wonderful craft. Everything about my fox is perfect and exactly what i was hoping for. This is my first soft mount but i will be buying more, and i know I will continue going to Kady. Quality work is what i paid for and quality work is what i got. If anyone is on the fence about getting a commission done and would like to see more photos of the fox i had done, feel free at any time to message me for photos. I promise you will not be disappointed in this woman’s incredible work!!! Thank you so much Kady!"

Colette Kollmer

"I received an exceptional soft mounted possum from Kady today, and I am absolutely in love with him! Kady was a fantastic person to work with. She found the perfect skin for my possum, and I couldn't be any more happy with her or her work. She made sure to involve me through the entire process of him being made by sending multiple pictures to me. To top it off, she sent him with a cute bow! I am so glad I decided to buy this new addition to the family!!! <3"

Kalyn Knupp

"I received my bobcat from Kady and I HIGHLY recommend her! Her work is exceptional and she truly cares about her work and her customers. Beyond excellent communication as well! I've gotten a soft mount from someone else before and I was highly disappointed with the quality of work and the time frame(over a year) and then I came across Kady. All I can say is FANTASTIC! Shipping was fast and my bobcat was carefully packed and not thrown into a box. Wish I had known about her before I sent my Lynx to someone else. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Service!"

Carla Sanchez-Lee

"I received a beautiful soft mounted raccoon for my birthday and am absolutely in love with him! Not only was it apparent that Kady invested much time and skill into the making of my new friend. But he arrived wearing an adorable bow and came with a hand written letter, so sweet! She even took pictures of the entire process she went through and sent them to me, something that was so awesome to see from start to finish. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Kady is a wonderfully talented artist and i can't wait to order my next pal!!"

Kelly Smith

Surprise Raccoon!

Surprise Raccoon!

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